Share a Home to Get Back More

Share your blessings this Christmas and get back more when you become an Airbnb host.

Spread the holiday cheer by sharing your home or a spare room, and let it pay for your own holiday! Allow guests into your extra home or room to make extra income for you and your family this Christmas season. All you have to do is become an Airbnb host today, we’ll help your share your Christmas blessings.

Need more reasons to start today? Well, here are 4 to help you make up your mind:

Share to Earn More

 You already have the extra room or extra property lying around, why not make it generate cash flow for you? The beauty in becoming an Airbnb host is the processes are always simple, secure, and subject to your own terms when it comes to availability, prices, house rules, and even how you choose to interact with your guests.

All you’re doing is sharing your property — without any sign-up charges at that — and you can already start making extra money.

Share the Spirit of Christmas

 The very essence of Christmas is celebrating the holiday cheer with those around you. And becoming an Airbnb host allows you to touch more lives than you already have. Especially if the guests you’re hosting are celebrating the holidays as well. You don’t even have to meet them personally, them spending the holidays in your home is already a way to send them some holiday cheer!

The warmth and happiness they feel as they stay in your home gets spread out, making the place feel like Christmas any time of the year.

Share Warmth and Care

Take advantage of the most wonderful time of the year and make it a point to spread your own dose of warmth, positivity, and care! You can decorate your Airbnb home with items that can bring a smile to people’s faces. With very simple gestures such as free flowers, few Christmas decorations, and even Free WiFi, you can already make someone’s Christmas!

Nothing beats a positive review or even a simple thank you from a guest for a simple or warm gesture. Especially during the most wonderful time of the year.

Share to Inspire Sharing

We all want to be influencers in one way or another. And we say you don’t have to be a social media influencer to make it happen. You can spread your influence by letting people around you know how much you’re benefitting by becoming an Airbnb host, and eventually inspire them to be one as well! Allow yourself to share your experiences to inspire sharing in others too!

So visit the Airbnb host site today, and allow us to share how you too can share! Because the more you share, the more you get back!

How to set a passport appointment Philippines

Tips and tricks to get that elusive passport appointment slot

We see alot of people complaining to Department of Foreign Affairs about appointment slots being always full. In the past few months, DFA has announced that they will be releasing appointments from time to time. As per their page:

If you do not see available online appointment slots, it does not necessarily mean that they have been completely taken up


We decided to stalk the passport website to see if they do release appointments, lo and behold, here’s what we found out!

The 1 minute trick

To set an appointment, access the passport appointment page via mobile phone or laptop on the 59th minute of the hour. This means 9:59pm, 10:59pm, 11:59pm so on and so forth.

Select the branch you would like to set your appointment at, go through each branch until the clock reaches the next hour, ie: 10:00pm, 11:00pm etc etc

Watch video demonstration

This is the magic minute where the appointment slots appear. Quickly go to your branch of choosing, and grab the earliest date you can find. Select the hour and proceed with the appointment.

At this time of writing (July 6, 2018), pre-payment is already required for NCR branches (ASEANA and malls). Please pay for your appointment promptly to avoid losing it.

Getting through your first international travel

Today is Rachelle’s first international travel! Yay! Our first international travel together is bringing us to Bangkok, Siem Reap, Phuket and Phi Phi (read: preparing our itinerary)

After my intensive research on building our itinerary to Bangkok – Siem Reap – Phuket, the next step is getting through check in, security and finally immigration.

Tips for First Time Travellers

It can be a bit daunting specially if you are a solo traveller. The secret to not getting offloaded is be prepared and just be confident.

Make sure you do a lot of research, prepare your itineraries, check your travel documents and you will be on your way to the world of international travel!

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Your passport

If you haven’t got a passport yet, get one (obviously 😂). Before booking your flights, check that your passport validity is within 6 months of your travel time.

READ: How to set a passport appointment Philippines

This means if your flight is Jun 1-6, 2018, your passport expiry date is no more than Dec 5, 2017.Count backwards from your passport’s expiry date, and that is your last day to be able to travel. That is usually the first reason why people get offloaded.

Your ticket

There a plenty of seat sales all year round. You do not need to burn your pocket just to travel outside the Philippines.

READ: Our guide on how to book a promo fare

Make sure you book a return flight back to the Philippines as most immigration officers will ask for your return flight. Immigration officers are just making sure that Filipino’s are not going abroad to seek employment.

It will be better to have a print out of your ticket to present to the immigration.

Things to know when at the airport

1. Is your travel tax included in your ticket already?

During your booking, you will have to option to pay for the travel tax (1620 pesos for Filipinos, OFWs are exempted from travel tax).

If its not yet included, you can pay at the airport. In our case, in terminal 3, the TIEZA area is at LANE A.

You can check in first, or go directly to the TIEZA counter. Present you passport and ticket, and they will tell you to go to another counter to pay. Once you have the receipt, you present it to the check in counter, and you will receive your boarding pass.

2. You must fill in a Departure Card

As with any other airports, you must fill in a departure card when you are departing a country.

Always have a pen with you so that you don’t have to queue for pens.

They had this at the check in counter, we filled it up while waiting for our travel tax receipt.

If you don’t have this, the immigration will reject you and ask you to fill it in, and you go back to the end of the line.

3. Facing the immigration officer

The scariest part for most people is being questioned by the immigration officer. Start by smiling and greeting them good morning or good evening. Hand over your passport and boarding pass.

He will then question you about your trip. Make sure you are ready, have your ticket printed out, hotels bookings printed out, have your itinerary ready.

I showed the immigration officer my Traveloka app bookings. But I also prepared the details of our travel and fit it into one page (but that’s me)

He also asked how I was related to Rachelle, my past travels, he asked for my old passport, and what Rachelle did for a living.

After that, photo and finger print and were through!

4. Final security check

There will be one more security check before you reach your boarding gate.

They will ask you to remove your shoes and empty your pockets.

Make sure you are not bringing in any prohibited items (a ninja wallet was one of them! Lol mine got confiscated).

No liquids over 100ml, I will write more about this in another article.

After that, proceed to the boarding gate 🙂

Boarding on time

I noticed that there weren’t a lot of boarding calls here in Terminal 3. So make sure you head to your boarding gate early, and be attentive.

I know someone who was at the boarding gate and somehow missed her flight, so she had to book another flight.


Another daunting place to be is at the arrival immigration. Not a lot of blogs talk about this. You have a chance of getting deported back if they suspect you that you are not coming as a tourist.

Most airports will have an arrival card, and these are usually given during the flight, or will be available just before the immigration lanes. Fill one out before queuing.As before, greet the officer with a smile and hand over your passport and arrival card. They will usually ask you the same thing, your return ticket, your hotel bookings and itinerary. On a rare occasion they might ask you how you can support your travel (you can show cash, credit cards or travellers cheques).

And when you’re through, welcome to your destination!

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How easy is it to travel locally in the Philippines

A lot of Filipinos seem to be intimidated when it comes to online booking, web check in, baggage selector, seat selector and all that jargon.

As a matter of fact, planning for a trip or booking nowadays is so easy with all the new apps available. DIY Travel is now really at your fingertips, and all you need is time off, a plan and of course a budget 🙂

One of my favorites apps to use when booking a flight is Traveloka. Its easy to use and they offer credit card and over the counter payment! No need to get scammed by those offering so called “cheap tickets”. Book your flights and pay it with cash!

Another thing I like about Traveloka is that they have this feature called “Find lowest price estimates”. This allows me to check ALL the dates and it will find the lowest fare out of ALL the available airlines.

If I don’t need to travel right away, I can also turn on Price Alerts. All I need to do is to open app the Traveloka app, go to “My account”, then tap “Price Alerts”. And Voila! I can add as many price alerts as I can and hopefully score that seat sale when it comes!

As you can see, booking a flight using an app is absolutely convenient, its fast and its safe. You’ll get your ticket delivered right to your app and that’s all you need to show at the airport with your valid ID.

You may also do a web check-in using the airlines mobile site or app. This allows you to, most of the time, skip the line, and go directly to the bag drop off counter and onto your gate. But please don’t forget to allot enough time for security check and check-in!

I booked my flight to Palawan yesterday (Sep 11), and here I am now at the airport waiting for my boarding as I write this blog 🙂

Hope this helps! Comment down below if you have any questions.

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Rainy days should not stop you from travelling

Rainy season is here and soon Philippines will have a few storms and typhoons, coz that’s how it is!

But it never stopped us from going out on a weekend and having a great time!

Here are our tips for planning your vacation during this season:

  1. Always check the weather before you go on a trip. 
  2. Listen to authorities like the coast guard.  If there is a gale warning, heed that warning.
  3. If you proceed with your trip despite the warnings be prepared, bring extra supplies.
  4. Have a plan B.
  5. Let your family and friends know where you are going so they don’t worry about you

Travel safe!

How to Book Piso Fare on Cebu Pac – July 2017 Guide

Lagi ka bang sawi sa PISO FARE?

Nahihirapan ka ba mag book ng PISO?

Bakit yung mga nakikita mo sa FB panay share ng PISO FARE nila?

Well fret no more!  I created a demonstration video on how YOU can avail the PISO FARE.

If you have the following you will be able to book a PISO FARE FLIGHT!

4.  an internet connection
5.  a smart phone or a laptop or a desktop
6.  cebu pacific app

It is best to use to laptop or a desktop, or the web browser on your phone as it will allow you to see the days 3 days before and 3 days after the date that you chose.

Payments can be made via:

1.  credit card
2.  over the counter payment centers
3.  online banking such as bdo or bpi
4.  paypal
5.  alipay
6.  travelfund (from a refunded flight on Cebu Pacific)

Watch this video as we show you how you can do it too!