How to PLAN A DO IT YOURSELF Thailand – Cambodia 13 DAYS

The Airfare

We made our booking for Manila – Bangkok – Manila last June 2017, during Cebu Pacific’s Piso Fare (read our guide to booking a piso fare), and our ticket only costs 4500 for 2 pax (no baggage, no seats, no meal, no insurance). Our only mistake here was the outbound flight should have been in Vietnam if you want to do a multi country tour.

The Preparation

We only made up our mind to push through with the trip just a week before Christmas. So since its peak season, I had to scour DIY Travel Philippines group for itineraries, hotel recommendations, and how to get to what.

Doing a Bangkok – Cambodia – Vietnam was going to prove costly and time consuming. Hence we decided to visit Siem Reap, then explore Phuket and Phi Phi Islands.

We got hold of a couple of Traveller sim cards for data and calls prior to our departure from Pinoy Travelers Unlimited Data SIM CARD.

Do it yourself booking hotels

Since we are DIYers, I want to be able to pick what I want to do and where to stay. I spent 2 weeks reading Trip Advisor for hotel reviews.

But my ultimate bestfriend is Traveloka. I downloaded the app onto my phone.

What I love about Traveloka is that I can hold hotel and flight bookings! This enables me to lock in prices, and continue to read more reviews before finally paying for the hotel.

The same thing applies to flights. For days I was going back and forth whether to check out Koh Samui. So at one point, I had a ticket held for Koh Samui and Phuket 😂😂

I booked all of our hotels from Traveloka. I did compare it with agoda and, but still ended up with Traveloka because of their responsive customer service.

The Dreaded Border Crossing

As I was creating our itinerary, and with budget constraints, I had to think long and hard how to cross from Bangkok to Siem Reap. Taking the train to Aranprayathet, and crossing Poi Pet sounded so exciting, but we eventually settled on booking online our direct bus ticket from 12go.asiaThe Decision

After alot of reading, and I mean alotttt! We have decided to start our journey in Bangkok and explore with Backpack Panda by Seth Encina (a fellow Filipino, based in Bangkok, a member of DIY Travel Philippines). Cross over to Siem Reap and explore Angkor Wat (arranged a tour with Mr Sen Shafie, again found him through the group).

We will be taking a bus back to Bangkok, sleep at the airport and catch a flight to Phuket, then go straight to Phi Phi.

Will spend a couple of nights in Phi Phi, a night in Phuket, and fly back to Bangkok 1 day before our flight to Manila.

This gives us one whole day of shopping!

The Discussion

You can follow my post in the group here, it may help you make your own decisions for your trip. Remember you need to be a member of the group to join the discussion.

The Outlined Itinerary

Day 1 Bangkok Temple tours

Day 2 Floating Market

Day 3 New Year!

Day 4 Bus to Siem Reap

Day 5 Siem Reap Tour

Day 6 Angkor Wat

Day 7 Bus to Bangkok

Day 8 Bangkok to Phuket by plane, Ferry to Phi Phi

Day 9 Maya and Pileh Bay

Day 10 Phi Phi to Phuket. Enjoy expensive Phuket hotel 😂

Day 11 Fly back to Bangkok

Day 12 SHOPPING!!!

Day 13 Fly back to Manila

Estimated Budget

Airfare – 4500 php (Cebu Pac Piso Fare for 2 Pax)

Hotels – 10 nights – 18,688 (all booked)

Transportation (Bus, Plane, Ferry) – 15,000 for 2 pax (does not include airport transfers)


Bangkok – 4500 pesos for 2 pax

Cambodia – 5200 Angkor Wat Pass, tuktuk for 2 days for 2 pax

Phi Phi – 3000 pesos (estimate high)

Food – 15000 (for 2 pax)

Total – 65,888 for 2 pax

Our hotels range from 1000 pesos to 4000 pesos. You can slash that price by booking hostels, taking a bus to Phuket and eating measly!

Hopefully all goes well and will write about our experience when we get back!

9 Replies to “How to PLAN A DO IT YOURSELF Thailand – Cambodia 13 DAYS”

  1. Hi! I’m one of the members of your group. The thing is, I have some questions to ask if you don’t mind? I’m planning a trip in Cambodia and Thailand this 2018. I love doing DIY’s trip, so to help me and to get to my point. How many hours of travel from Siem reap to the border itself of Thailand? Then how many hours from the border to Bangkok? If I’m coming from Cambodia is their an online booking ticket of bus going to Bangkok? Will they ask a fee when crossing the border from Cambodia to Thailand?

    Thank you so much for reading. I do hope you can answer all my concerns. 😊

    1. Cambodia to poipet 2 hrs
      Aranprayathet to bangkok 4-5hrs depende sa traffic

      Cambodian immigration is corrupt they try to ask for money. Simply say that you are filipino and asean no need to pay. for ticket booking

      1. Hi Admin Michelle, just quick question kc i will follow din ung iti nyo for our trip, did you follow the outlines iti that you planned? Or may changes? Hinahanap ko kc ung full details di ko makita sa page hehe. Thank u.

        1. yan mismo na un ginawa namin hehehe walang changes.. nadagdag lang nun day 4, before our bus to siem reap nag ikot pa kmi sa khao san

  2. Hi! Question po regarding crossing border. Pwede po bang pabigay ng detailed process? I am planning to book direct bus sa Klook. Salamat!

    1. Pagdating ng border usually baba lahat need mag fill up ng departure form muna leaving bangkok tapos lalakad papunta sa cambodia dapat may arrival form na kyo, give sa immigration pag hihingan kyo ng pera sabihin nyo asean country no need visa, tas sabihin nyo i have no small money pero mag handa kyo ng 20 baht para pag pinilit kyo abot nyo un 20 baht lol ganun ginawa ko. Pag lagpas ng cambodia, sakay na ulit bus, tas sa terminal na kyo ibababa sa siem reap. So if may tuktuk driver kyo ask un bus saang terminal para sunduin kyo papunta ng hotel

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