Cebu Pacific’s 2-day piso sale – Nov 29-30-2017


Hear ye hear ye!

Tis not a myth, for the Cebu Pacific Air’s Piso Fare does exist!

For a limited time only, starting Nov 29, 2017 at exactly 12:00am, seats will go on sale!

Travel period for is Jun 1 – Oct 27, 2018.


There won’t be a piso fare for every single day, and you will need to hunt them down! Watch the guide we made to help you snag that piso fare.

Also here are our following tips to help you!

1. Plan, you have 3 hours left on what you want to do, where you want to stay, and itinerary in your mind.
2. Check the dates, double check the dates.
3. Check your names and birthday, and double check it.
4. Do not put any add ons, no baggage, no insurance. You can purchase it near your travel date. So that if your leave is not approved, then you will not waste alot of money.
5. Set an alarm on you email or phone so that you don’t forget that you have a flight when next year comes! 😂😂😂

To book a flight, download the Cebu Pacific app or go directly to Cebu Pacific’s website! Avoid getting scammed by doing it yourself 😀 DIY ALL THE WAY!

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