Showcase that hidden gem in the Philippines!

Calling travel bloggers!

Have you been to an amazing place in the Philippines that is not that popular? Was it a hard-to-reach beach, a hidden waterfall, a mountain with a breath-taking view, or a colorful coral reef? Help Traveloka promote these hidden wonders!

Traveloka’s Hidden Gems Project aims to publicize lesser-known but equally captivating local attractions to encourage Philippine tourism. You can help by sending us a nice picture and brief description of a “hidden gem” you know here


If chosen, your contribution will be featured in Traveloka’s website and Facebook page with 2 million+ members! You will be given full credit for your photo – don’t forget to enter your social media pages so we can tag you!

Deadline for submission is on October 15.

Philippines first, then the world!

Thank you.

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