Become an archer for 100 pesos!

How to become Katniss Everdeen or Hawkeye for only 100 pesos?

If you feel like becoming an archer hero overnight, we have found this awesome place in Quezon City, and for 100 pesos they will give you free training and 26 arrows to shoot with!

I chanced upon this place, DMZ Archery, after seeing their post in DIY Travel Philippines. There was a post offering unlimited arrows for 1 hour for only 200 pesos! I immediately put in my bucketlist, having done some archery back in Singapore.

A few months forward, I saw their post pass by my newsfeed again, so we finally decided to head out to DMZ Archery and checked out the place.

It’s located near Visayas Ave, but still had to enter a village to get to their place. At first I was lost, coz when we arrived according to waze’s direction, all I saw was this salon 😱

But lo and behold, hidden within its depths was an archery range!

We picked the 26 arrows for 100 pesos over their unlimited arrows for 200 pesos promo, since we weren’t sure if we were going to enjoy it.

There were 2 staff assisting us on how to hold the bow, how to load it and how to fire it!

After our first 5 shots, we find ourselves suddenly scrambling to hit the bullseye! We also found ourselves wondering why didn’t we take that unlimited arrows promo.

But on or about our 20th arrow, we soon start feeling the weight of the bow on our hand. So 26 arrows for our first try was worth it!

I will definitely come back here and shoot unlimited arrows for an hour!

This is definitely something to do on a rainy day!

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Location: DMZ Archery Range, 18 Mystic Rose Drive, Quezon City

Waze location <—- click here

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