How easy is it to travel locally in the Philippines

A lot of Filipinos seem to be intimidated when it comes to online booking, web check in, baggage selector, seat selector and all that jargon.

As a matter of fact, planning for a trip or booking nowadays is so easy with all the new apps available. DIY Travel is now really at your fingertips, and all you need is time off, a plan and of course a budget 🙂

One of my favorites apps to use when booking a flight is Traveloka. Its easy to use and they offer credit card and over the counter payment! No need to get scammed by those offering so called “cheap tickets”. Book your flights and pay it with cash!

Another thing I like about Traveloka is that they have this feature called “Find lowest price estimates”. This allows me to check ALL the dates and it will find the lowest fare out of ALL the available airlines.

If I don’t need to travel right away, I can also turn on Price Alerts. All I need to do is to open app the Traveloka app, go to “My account”, then tap “Price Alerts”. And Voila! I can add as many price alerts as I can and hopefully score that seat sale when it comes!

As you can see, booking a flight using an app is absolutely convenient, its fast and its safe. You’ll get your ticket delivered right to your app and that’s all you need to show at the airport with your valid ID.

You may also do a web check-in using the airlines mobile site or app. This allows you to, most of the time, skip the line, and go directly to the bag drop off counter and onto your gate. But please don’t forget to allot enough time for security check and check-in!

I booked my flight to Palawan yesterday (Sep 11), and here I am now at the airport waiting for my boarding as I write this blog 🙂

Hope this helps! Comment down below if you have any questions.

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