We are TWO years old!

DIY Travel Philippines just turned TWO last June 24, 2017!  And here’s some quick facts about us.  Do you have more questions?  Feel free to comment!

But before that watch our Grand Summer Gathering 2017

What is DIY Travel Philippines?
DIY Travel Philippines is a facebook group back in 2015.  It now has over 450,000 members and growing.  Our members consist of travelers, local guides, boat operators, van operators and travel agencies.  We wanted to create a group that will provide a traveler information for all their travelers.  It is open for newbies and experienced travelers.  As the group grew larger, we decided to create sister groups that will cater all your travel needs namely:
DIY Travel PH Events, Tours and Vans – for all ads related to events, tours and vans
DIY Travel Philippines Pa-edit Please – for editing of travel photos
DIY Travel PH Buy and sell – for travel items only
DIY Travel PH Foodies – for all foodies!
Who started DIY Travel Philippines?
Michelle Enriquez (that’s me!) and my partner Rachelle Abad, started the group.  We are just a bunch of travelers who love to go on roadtrips, and often find ourselves in a place that wasn’t in our itinerary.  We wanted to have a group of travelers like us who can exchange information with, hence the formation of the group.  

What does DIY stand for?
It stands for Do It Yourself.  This mean who are planning your own trip, you want a trip that is specially tailored for yourself or your group.  We want to help people looking for a location, or a hotel, or even where to eat!
How come there are still organizers, travel agencies and van operators in your group?

We are not selfish, and since our goal is to help not just our fellow travelers, but also everyone in the travel industry, free of charge!  Also, there are people who prefer to join a group, and sometimes its hard to find a group.  And believe us, its difficult to organize a trip, since it is prone to DRAWINGS or BACKOUT DANCERS (people who do not show up, or people who back out list minute).

What are your official social media accounts?

Don’t forget to follow us on our official accounts only!  Beware of pages who imitate us.  We are not a travel agency, we do not accept money from anybody, we will never ask for your money unless its for an official group event (which will be announced only on our official social media accounts)

FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/diytravelphilippines
INSTAGRAM:  https://www.instagram.com/diytravelphilippines
TWITTER:  https://www.twitter.com/diytphofficial
YOUTUBE:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKtfIQco5BSwOLpvZwBC9Iw

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