Unli lobster unli crabs unli shrimps

We have all fallen for that tag line.. and sometimes we find ourselves at the restaurant ending up being disappointed coz the promo is no longer available..

But our craving for seafood could not be satiated and our itchy feet brought us to Crab and Belly in Subic!  

This is where we met our match!  Kuya Lucio presented us with the menu, and without hesitation we all ordered their unli lobster unli crabs and unli shrimp!

And 10minutes later, 3 plates full of seafood goodness filled up our table.  It didn’t take long for us to devour these tasty lobsters, and ordered a second round.

Boy those lobsters glisten and better yet you can order them steamed, buttered or chili!  It only took 10minutes for our second order to arrive.

Kuya lucio also kept bringing us food and made sure that we had everything we needed!

It was such a good experience and for 1599 per head i think it was worth the trip and the money!

Crab and Belly is located in Subic (we drove there from Manila) just to eat there.

You can set your waze to Crab and Belly or if you have the app simply CLICK HERE!

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